Creative Inspiration

A collection of cool things I’ve found while browsing the web.

Mini Churros

Churros are great, mini churros’ deliciousness is inversely proportional to its expected size. Yum!

London House of Coffee

Cool design and nice showcase of the project. Interesting secondary applications of the logo.

60 Awesome Star Wars Illustrations

Beautiful fan art based on the Star Wars movies.

Social Media Marketing Plan

A pretty complete article on how to plan your social media marketing strategy.

Beautiful pictures of Brasília

Photos by Norway-based photographer Øystein Aspelund having as theme Brasília’s architecture.

Some interesting fonts

13 free fonts to use, they look pretty cool.

Animated hand lettering animations

A few animations on hand lettering, good to see some techniques.

9 Photo Comp Tips

Some tips on how photographic composition by Steve McCurry.

Pavê de Sonho de Valsa

A recipe for a Brazilian pavê dessert, using cream and a Brazilian chocolate.

How to make shapes in CSS

Creating shapes in CSS, awesome for creating different websites.

How to make a levitation image

A cool tutorial on how to make images with a levitation effect, including some production pictures.

Christopher McKenny dark photography

Dark and disturbing photography by Christopher McKenney, a horror surrealist specialist.

Finalists on the Smithstonian photo contest

The finals of the 12th Smithstonian photo contest.

17 Foods to buy once and grow forever

Some cool tips for growing herbs and spices at home. Never buy them again!

Crème Brulée

A nice crème brulée recipe with coffee.

Sonho recipe

Delicious sonho recipe, a traditional brazilian dessert.


One of the most delicious desserts one can ever have in their lives.

Multiple Brazilian recipes

A post with many Brazilian recipes in English. Some interesting takes on the recipes.

Guinness Chocolat Truffles

Great beer + awesome truffles = sweet perfection!

Apple Pie filling

My favourite apple pie filling… a delicious american classic!

Spaghetti with shrimp

A great combination of italian and seafood.

Fairytails by an Ukranian photographer

Awesome pictures by Anita Anti, an Ukranian photographer based out of New York.

Cook With Me

A German food porn website, awesome images, great-looking food.

YouTube export settings

A nice article/tutorial on how to best export for YouTube videos.

Tiny scenes on your favourite foods

Cool scenes created with miniature figurines and food.

Twix Cake

A recipe for a cool cake based on Twix chocolate.

Creative Ad Awards

Cool advertising showcase from around the world. Awesome inspiration.

Animal and Children photography

Pictures by Elena Shumilova revolving on two kids and their pets.

Bon Appétit food + culture

A stylish online magazine with a cool food spin.

44 Classic French meals

I tried a few of them, now need time to cook the rest.

No Recipes website

A cool website teaching some food techniques so you learn to cook.

Fonts & Boobs

A pretty random website showcasing images of nice boobs overlayed with typography

La Buena Vida

A blog by Nicole Franzen about travel and food. Very nice pictures.

Weird things happening to astronauts returning to Earth

A video interviewing astronauts who spent some time in space and are now back.

Serial Thriller

A design inspiration website, very good selections.

46 Pictures of remote tribes

Pictures of some of the most remote tribes in the world.

A Pinterest-like blog with very cool recipes from different sources.

Arroz Tropical

A recipe for Arroz Tropical (Tropical Rice). Looks freaking delicious.

Stream Hunter

A stream collection for sports from all over the world.

50 Awesomely Inspiring Tumblr Blogs for Photographers

A list of awesome Tumblr blogs for photographers, curated on Photodoto.

Kurt Cobain’s letters and journals

An article with many of Kurt Cobain’s handwritten letters and journals.

Fat & Furious Burger

Burguer art… best way to describe it.

Saudáveis Receitas

A collection of recipes that are healthy, yet delicious. Also, lots of tips for a healthy life.

Cooking fresh fish

Tips for cooking fresh fish, from

Awesome sketches by Yves Riveau

Some really cool sketches by Yves Riveau, theming some popular icons.

Colorizing old photographs

Perfect colorization of old famous photographs, from WWII to celebrities.

Deliciously fat recipes

I know we shouldn’t… but it’s OK once in a while.

Dig! documentary

A documentary about The Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Dandy Warhols.

F1 old liveries

Really cool applications of old F1 liveries on modern F1 car bodies.

Michael Paul Smith’s miniature photographs

Beautiful vintage miniatures photographed in a perspective that makes it seem as they are real and integrated with their surroundings.

Awesome drawing by Greg Coulton

A cool drawing about the town of Sheen, joining many references of its history.

Nailing a job with social media

An article talking about the use of social media when you are looking for a job.

Workflow tips for designers

Some tips on how workflow for designers. Definitely some interesting topics.

Axure best practices

Ten commandments of working with Axure, creating a more efficient workflow.

Places to visit while in Canada

Some places to visit when I have the time… starting with the east for sure!

This lake is crazy awesome!

A lake in Africa that kills and calcifies animals. Its lake Natron in Tanzania.

Arcade Fire’s Reflektor party

I remember when they were filming this and everyone wanted to go in. Easier to watch it online.

All things bacon!

A website that talks about and sells bacon things. Great idea for gifts.

Poivre Lab

A site with some cool HTML tests… specially this test drawing one.

Island Menu

A food blog that treats of recipes with Tasmanian produce. Awesome food photography.

Trask Industries website

A teaser website for Trask Industries, the company behind your local security units!

Larousse Cuisine

Larousse’s website for cuisine, elegant recipes and lots of info.

5 storytelling tips

Some tips for storytelling to help you land a new job… and other things.

Dan Matutina’s geometrical drawings

Awesome geometrical drawings by Dan Matutina. He uses nice texturing and colors to enhance his simple designs.

Jamie Oliver cooks summer

A 1 hour program in which Jamie Oliver teaches some delicious summer-themed meals.

A message to all employers

An article on about how employees would much rather work at home and possible work policies regarding the subject.

Da Vinci’s lessons about creativity

A few lessons we can take from Leonardo da Vinci’s life and work.

Concept art by Matthew Stewart

Fantasy and medieval styled concept art by Matthew Stewart.

A website that heps us chose a font from those installed in our computers, and see how they behave online.

So this is what 200 calories look like

Some one illustrated what 200 calories of different foods look like.

A guide to world domination

Ideas by Chris Guillebeau on how to make the best of living.

Setting yourself from the competition

Some tips and advice on how to set yourself apart from competition as freelancers and entrepreneurs.


A photo and video feed of things interesting to men.

For a delicious month

Beautiful, mouth watering sandwiches. Enough recipes for a month!

“Recolor Artwork” tool on Illustrator

A videocast tutorial on using the “Recolor Artwork” tool on Adobe Illustrator.

Microscopic photography

Microscopic photography of things and creatures we might not really want to see. Here is another post.

Grilled cheese

So many different types of grilled cheese! Must.. Try… Them… All!

Champions Forever

A documentary about Formula 1 drivers, the champs and the sport.

Pantone in colors

An infographic by Pantone celebrating 50 years of color.


Tobermory’s tourism site, a place I really need to go. Specially for the scuba diving.

Kimmo Savolainen photography

POrtfolio website for photographer Kimmo Savolainen, beautiful lanscape photography.

2013 Sony World Photography Awards

Winners of the 2013 Sony World Photography awards, with a link to a shortlist of winners

Typography tools

A list of typography tools, from type showcases to font type generators.

Sebastião Salgado

A presentation by Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado about how he got into photography.

How to tie knots

A page with tutorials on how to tie neck ties. Some interesting ones.

The trinity knot

And this is how to tie a trinity knot.

8 Things Really Successful People Do

An article about some things successful people do. Some good actions to adopt.

Cowboy Henk

This is some really weird comic strip… most probably NSFW and decent people.

Macro eye photography

Macro photography of the eyes of different animals.

Custom Google Maps colors

A tutorial on how to change the colors of the Google Maps colors.

Beautiful HDR photography

Several amaazing HDR photos. A technique I need to start studying.

2013 National Geographic Photo Contest

A post with the winners of the 2013 Nat Geo photo contest.

Faroeste Cabloco infographic

An infographic depicting the story of the song Faroeste Cabloco, a classic Brazilian rock song.

Finland in WWII

Historical pictures of Finland at the time of World War II.

This is how design works

A nice infographic-style website that explains the importance of design.

Vintage safety ads

Really cool – and macrabre – vintage ads promoting safety in all forms.

The City of White Marble

Pictures of many monuments in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.

Underwater photography

Some really cool underwater photography, with a rather dark feeling, very moody.

2013 underwater photography contest winners

Awesome underwater photography… no wonder they won this contest.

31 ways to cook an egg

Some creative and appetizing ways to cook an egg.

Abandoned beauty

Beautiful photography of abandoned places from all around the world.

An inspiration feed, ranging from design to photography and everything in between.

Pizza Day recipes

Recipes for pizza in honour of pizza day, apparently July 10th.

Bisous les copains

A weekly showcase of animated gifs by Guillaume Kurkdjian.

Naked yoga (NSFW)

A photoshoot of naked yoga. Not much more info ’cause I don’t really read Russian.

Culinária Terapia

A YouTube channel dedicated to Brazilian cuisine. Lots more recipes to try.

The world’s most expensive car

Fangio’s old F1 car, the Mercedes-Benz W 196 R… It deserves it.

More image sizes in WP

A tutorial on how to generate more images sizes in WP.