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Welcome to my website. This is my very own little space in the vast galaxy that is the internet (little poetic visualization based on Star Trek, which I’m watching right now).

I was born in Brazil but was lucky to have moved around quite a bit. Now I am permanently living in Montreal, Canada. And what an awesome city. Best of summer and winter in one place. I specially love winter. Can’t think of many things that could be better than a snowy weekend in the country side, with a mountain close by and hours after hours of snowboarding. A special mention to winter food, delicious, delicious winter food.

I am – according to my friends – a bit crazy and full of nonsense ideas. A dreamer of sorts. I try to have as many projects as I can and am always looking to do different, awesome things. The weirder, the better. Only like this can one experience great things such as the Dada Olympics™, Sasquatch searching, japanese Star Wars reenactment, amongst other cool projects. Granted some sound cooler than others, but still loads of fun to discuss and do them.

The day-to-day

As you have probably noticed by now, I am an Art Director. I have been very lucky in my career, doing what I like and having worked in many awesome places. Although I still hold a full-time position, I also work with freelance on my spare time. I also work on projects of my own, mainly for the fun and to learn new things – things I don’t usually get to work with or do at my day job.

When not designing, I usually like cooking. And eating, of course. One of my projects is exactly about that: cooking, experimenting, eating. I have been studying food and cooking techniques for a while now and today I must say I am proud of my food. Delicious. Or at least I think it is.

As for fun, when not trying to come up with crazy things to do, I like playing sports, specially karting and football (what some might call soccer) and playing videogames.

Some of my projects

Throughout this crazy little thing called life, I gathered a couple of really cool experiences. Amongst them all, these are my favourites:



I was – or still am – the drummer in this really cool band.



Another band, this time I’m singing… or at least trying to.

Joe's Fusion

Joe’s Fusion

A site where I post my culinary experiences, I love food.

My brush pen

The hard worker

I’m an Art Director and love what I do. Apart from freelancing on my free time, I have worked in some pretty cool places, such as:

Caesars Interactive Entertainment
Lulu software
Secretaria Especial do Interlegis

And, as an employee in these places (and with some freelance opportunities), I’ve had the chance to work with some awesome brands, amongst them:

Harley Davidson Motorcycles
TEDxYouth @Montreal
ADT Protectron
Campus Montréal
Frank & Oak
Woodford Reserve
Crown Royal
Banco do Brasil
WSOP - World Series of Poker
Caesars Casino
Harrah's Casino